DYMEVILLE by Ela Eglash

Name of Country: Dymeville
Basic information – Location: On Mars. Population: 2 Million. Currency: Chocolate. Government: Dymon. Capital City: Dyme City
Language: Hi = Dy. By = Me. Where’s the bathroom = Dim Yim Le. Good = My. Bad = De. How much is this? = Dym ed meve? Day = Dee. Night = Yee. Chocolate = cocococo. Family = Yummies.
Map (see other page)
Flag (see other page): The explanation for the Dymeville flag is because people love Dime bars so much they decided how everyone would see how Dimes were beautiful, so they took wrapper and they turned it into a flag.
Education system: They go to school once a year. They learn everything they need to learn in one day. If they don’t graduate that day, they have to stay another day until they graduate.
National holidays:
Dime Independence Day – A long time ago they did not have Dime bars and everyone was forced to be slaves to regular chocolate. They had to eat regular chocolate. That was until the smartest person in the world (Ela Eglash) invented Dime bars. Combination of delicious milk chocolate and hard toffee inside.
They celebrate day of the Dime and celebrate the person who can eat the most Dime bars in 2 minutes. The winner receives a bed of chocolate.
The Invention Day – This is the day where all children under 18 get to invent their own chocolate bar or chocolate-based project. They have to present the invention to the mayor and the winner gets to spend a fun day with the mayor. They get to visit the factory where they make Dime bars in Dymeville.
Summerfest – It is the day where everyone goes to the beach or the pool. Everything is free on that day. There is a parade where kids under 13 can be in the parade. There is a carnival at night with roller coasters and games. Its all free.
Famous inventors:
Ela Eglash, is the person who invented Dime bars and is the hero of the land. There are pictures of her everywhere eating a Dime bar.
The first mayor – He invented chocolate houses by using really sticky toffee. He made it all and the whole city is made out of toffee.
Dymitry – He invented chocolate flavored music.
National foods and recipes: Dime bars, Dime cake.
Recipe for Dime cake – take a layer of hard toffee, shape into a circle and then dip it in hot chocolate sauce. Then put the chocolate sauce in the fridge till it hardens.
Special laws:
No Salty food
No other rules
National Anthem –
We eat Dime Bars every day
We love them in a special way
We put the smooth chocolate on the top
And we will never ever stop.

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ZOMBIE ATTACK! [By Ela Eglash]

Once on a Halloween night in the dark woods there was a grave. Every Halloween from the grave of old man Smith came up a Zombie. Every midnight the Zombie used to go to peoples’ houses and scare them.
One night, the Zombie went to the haunted house of Emma. Emma was a little girl that lived alone. The Zombie went to Emma’s house and scared her and she screamed very loud and everyone in the town heard her.
The police heard her and came to rescue her from the bad Zombie. The Zombie went back to his grave and never came up again!

The End!

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A Day in the Life of Gefen – 9/25/2016

Gefen does take after her Dad! Gefen finsihed school at 1:30 pm and had 1½ hours to find something to do before going to her special Hebrew lesson. She went to her favorite restaurant (also her Dad’s and Uncle Brian’s) T’ami, to have rice and beans. From there she went to Yom Haatzmaut Park and took a nap under a slide! She set her alarm for 20 minutes, took a power nap and then she woke up and walked to her lesson. What a day in the life of Gefen!

This reminded me of the time I took a nap at the Beverly Hills Park with Lorne in 1993, after visiting Burbank Studios and the time I took a nap at Ponderosa under the dining tables and used the sink in the women’s room when I worked as the morning janitor!

Michael [otherwise known as Daddy!]

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Granma & Papa’s Trip to Eretz Yisrael, March 16-28, 2016

Flew United Airlines, Wed. Mar. 16 from Milwaukee to Newark and then on to Ben Gurion. Arrived at 9am Thursday, March 17. Spent day relaxing at Mike and Ruth’s in Mevaseret Zion. Mike made a nice chicken shnitzel lunch.

Friday, March 18 – Ruth and Gefen raced in the Jerusalem Marathon. Ruth ran the 25k and Gefen the 5k! Granma Norma and Saba Ellie came over and we all had a nice Shabbat dinner. Ben recited the Kiddush.

Saturday, March 19 – We were (incl. Ruth, Mike & kids) invited to Elan and O’Delia Wasserman’s apt. in Nes Ziona for a delicious meat BBQ luncheon with Marcie, Etay and Karen and family. Afterwards Norb and Judy stayed overnite at Marcie’s home in Rishon LeZion.

Sunday, March 20 – Spent day with Marcie. Planned on going to the Rabin Museum in Tel Aviv. On main Tel Aviv highway Marcie’s car overheated resulting in 2 hours waiting for a tow truck. Pleasant conversations with Marcie passed the time. The tow driver hauled her car and we took a cab (wonderful, patient driver) back to Rishon. Ate lunch at Aroma Cafe and bused back to Jerusalem. Mike met us at bus station. Went to Ben’s basketball game in the evening. Ben’s team was swamped, but we loved watching a budding basketball star in Ben!

Monday, March 21- Toured Machane Yehuda in the Old City with Sybil Kaplan, whom Judy knew from Hadassah. Mike met us and we had lunch at Murdoch’s, a wonderful Morrocan bistro (fabulous eggplant). In evening went to dinner at Cafe Hillel with family and Norma and Ellie as we had our mutual wedding anniversary date (not in years).

Tuesday, March 22 – Spent day with Norma and Ellie. Drove to the Port of Tel Aviv and walked around the boardwalk, took in the interesting sites, enjoyed the sun & sea and had nice lunch together.

Wednesday, March 23 – Went with Mike and kids to the Kotel (Western Wall). I deposited some $30 tzedaka money I collected from Temple Menorah minyonaires for upkeep/maintenance of the Kotel. We haggled in the Arab shuk and had a huge, delicious Mizrachi (traditional Israeli) style lunch at Steakeo in Talpiot with all the small salad plates and loads of pita.

Thursday, March 24 – We celebrated Ruth’s birthday with a wonderful luncheon at Kohinoor Indian restaurant in Jerusalem off Ben Yehuda St. We walked around Ben Yehuda Street with all the amazing shops, etc. At nite Mike, Ben and Norb went to Purim/Megillah reading service at a nearby small shul. The kids, incl. Mike & Ruth were all decked out in crazy/wonderful costumes & makeup for the joyful celebration of Purim [much more colorful than we’ve ever seen in Milwaukee!).

Friday, March 25 – Walked downhill to Mevaseret Mall & beyond to view the greatest Purim parade we’ve ever seen! Must’ve had hundreds of kids & adults participating in costume. Even shook hands with the Mevaseret mayor as he walked by. Had surprise 70th birthday party for Ellie in afternoon. Papa Norb pitched & caught baseball (tennis ball) with Ela. Discovered she’s a terrific hitter with great potential! Gefen went out with friends and had an accident running and had to come home. Ben celebrated until wee hours with friends.

Saturday, March 26 – Dined at Elvis Restaurant (Abu Ghosh) with Norb, Judy, Norma, Ellie, Ruth and Mike with friends Matthew and Liz and family. In evening Ben, Norb and Judy went with Kenny Sacks, who spoke with a college tour group in Jerusalem. Group was from UW-Madison!

Sunday, March 27 – Had tea and cake at King David Hotel in Jerusalem with Sheldon Ritz. Wonderful touring the Israel Museum. Met Mike and had lunch (gratis per AnyDate) with Eric Esses at Sima’s. Rest of day spent with family. It must be mentioned that we so enjoyed the overjoyed excitement that Kylie, the family ShitZu dog displayed with us & the female black/white, overly friendly cat, Catalina, who couldn’t get enough petting from us! Airport bus picked us at around 7pm. Mike went with us as he had to go to US on business… very fortunate for us! He also upgraded us to Economy Plus! Flight left at 11:15 PM to Newark and then on to Milwaukee. Arrived home via ride from bro Rod, at 9am, Monday! WHAT A WONDERFUL TRIP… special thanks to MIKE, RUTH, BEN, GEFEN & ELA!

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Gefen: “New Teen Entrepreneur!”

Gefen has recently started taking babysitting jobs. Yesterday she babysat for 2 boys, aged 5 & 6. I [Mike] asked Gefen how the job was and she said that when one of the kids had trouble falling asleep, she gave them her iPhone to play with and the little one said,”Why do you have games on your phone? Are you a mother?” One of the kids while she was putting them to bed asked Gefen what her job was!

Gefen, the businesswoman and her friend, Shira decided to hold a bake sale of their homemade cookies. They sold them at school and made 30 NIS [approx. $9]. With the 30 NIS, Gefen and her friend bought balloons and candy then proceeded to go to Shira‘s sibling’s gan [preschool] and sell them. They made 70 NIS [about $20]! With the 70 NIS, they bought a money-counting machine. They’ve already started to save money for a trip to London so they can attend the “ComicCon!” [Gefen will be 14 in June!]

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Latest News from ISRAELI EGLASHES…

December 2015ELA’s best day ever! Ela woke up with a smile and said, “Good morning!” You have to understand that Ela does not wake up easily and usually it takes 3-4 nudges and “time to get up” reminders! It is also customary to whisper in Ela’s ear while drowsing to ask what she wants in her sandwich. She usually comes back with either, “Cottage”, “peanut butter”, “cold cuts” or “just a roll”. I (Dad,Mike) ask Ela why she is so happy and she says, “It’s going to be a great day!”

11:15 pm, December 28, 2015Mike and Ruth hear the house phone ringing from the bedroom. Mike asks who is the ”fucking asshole calling?” so late at night and he proceeds to the living room to answer the phone and realizes it’s his cellphone!

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Gefen’s Book Report: SECRET GARDEN

Presented by: Gefen Eglash
7th Grade Dovrim
Date: 3, February 2015
Presented to: Pearl

Title: The Secret Garden
Author: Francis Hodgson Burnett

Date of publication: 1911

Genre: Family, relationships

Synopsis: It is about a young girl called Mary Lennox whose mum and dad die in India and she is sent to live with her uncle in a big house in England.

Mary is very spoiled but when she gets to her uncle’s house she has a maid that tells her stories about her mothers sister and about how she always spent time in a beautiful garden. The maid tells Mary how one day her aunt sat in a tree and fell out and died. Then her uncle locked the door of the garden and buried the key so no one else could get in.

One day, Mary finds the key buried in the ground and goes into the garden. She meets a bird and the bird shows her around the garden and shows her all the flowers.

One day she meets a boy called Dickon, her maid’s brother. He is really good with plants and animals, so she shows him the secret garden. They play there together.

One night, Mary hears some crying and she follows the noise. She discovers that there is a boy in a secret room, who she realizes is her cousin. He is called Colin. He has a problem with his spine and is in a wheelchair.

She takes him to the secret garden, where his mom always played and where she died.

One day she takes Colin into the secret garden to play and he starts to walk. He falls over at first but then tries his best to walk.

Main Character: Her name is Mary Lennox. She is 10-years-old. She has brown hair and has bangs. In the beginning she is very spoiled, she does not even know how to get dressed on her own. During the book, however, she starts to get less spoiled and less mean. In the beginning, she does not have any friends but she learns how to make friends.

Opinion: I really loved this story because it taught me that you should not be too spoiled and if you get something then you need to be happy that you got it. In the beginning of the book, I was a little bit scared because I learned about all the stuff that happened to Mary, about how she did not even know how to cry and I felt bad for her but then the book became happier and more positive. It showed me that even when bad things happen, everything can work out fine in the end.

Example: The part in the book that I really liked was when Mary helps Colin get better and shows him how to walk. This teaches him to be less spoiled. Also, because of Mary, Colin and his dad become close again.

Recommend: I would recommend this book because it teaches you that you should always be happy with what you have and not be too spoiled, even if you have a lot of money and servants and maids. Maybe you won’t have everything you want and maybe you will but you should always be happy with what you have.

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POPCORN – By Ela Eglash

I chose to write about popcorn as my invention because I think that popcorn should be the food of the world.

Popcorn was invented over 9000 years ago in Mexico. The people took corn kernels and sat it in the sun till it dried and then placed it in a fire. Once in the fire the popcorn
popped and popcorn was invented! A couple thousand years later it came to South America.

Popcorn was famous and popular in America in the 1930s because it was cheap to buy and because people were poor. One bag of popcorn cost 2 pennies!

This is why I chose popcorn as my favorite invention.

The End.

By Ela Eglash

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THE HAUNTED HOUSE by Ela Tamar Eglash

Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy, and their names were Amanda and Michael. They were so excited for Halloween and went to the store and bought Halloween costumes. Michael dressed as a pirate and Amanda as a fairy mermaid.

Michael asked Amanda “Do you want to go to the Haunted House?” Amanda said, “I don’t know as I will think about it.” It was the night of Halloween and Michael and Amanda ended up going to the Haunted House.

AS they entered the Haunted House, they saw blood, people screaming and pumpkins that looked like scary faces. They were so scared and Amanda almost fainted. Then they got lost in the Haunted House . They saw someone with a knife and they were so scared and they said, “Hey you over there, do you know the way out?” Then the person with the knife said, “What are you doing in my house”? Amanda and Michael said, “No this is a Haunted House.” The person with the knife said,”Get out or I will hurt you!”

Amanda and Michael ran out and when they were outside they saw that Halloween was over and people started to collect their candy, put away toilet paper from the trees and clean the houses.

Michael and Amanda said, “This was the best Halloween in the world!”


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Eglash Summer 2014 Trip to U.S.


1. GRANMA’S Pancakes and eating them on the TV tables

2. GEFEN breaks DANIELLA’S mirror

3. Great BBQ and Smores at BRIAN and RACHEL’S with kids..

4. ELA getting angry on Cable Car Incline in Pitt…

5. Dave and Buster’s: BEN’S hamburger order that was accidentally swiped and smashed allover the floor by a young waiter while he was playing games

6. Room not ready in Elkhart, Indiana hotel late at night: end result… getting a free night!

7. P Sherman- 42 Wollabi Way, Sydney

8. PAPA making a CD of songs requested the night we left under immense pressure while kids were driving him crazy!

9. GRANMA and PAPA taking care of ELA for a while and having EDEN as well

10.GEFEN accidentally smashing her glass at 2nd Ave. Deli in NYC

11. Climbing the crown of the Statue of Liberty and conversation with the guard on top

12. GEFEN cheeseburger please cheeseburger!

13. BEN not getting up in morning and being a typical “teenager!”

14.ELA cabin song in the “Fast Lane” from Milwaukee to NYC!

15. Dunkin Donuts for ELA – lots of sprinkles for all the kids!

16. Kids not walking straight in NYC and constantly bumping into us and themselves

17. Korean skipping in line at Ellis island and getting yelled at and sent back

18. Waterfall at 9/11 – and seeing how awesome it truly is and the impact of 9/11!

19. The thrill of seeing kids return from Camp Interlaken!

20. “Yeah Yeah Yeah” – PAPA

21.GRANMA JUDY and coupons and “crowd sourcing” to get us 30% off at Kohls. Also being“blocked” with coupon at Maxfield’s as it wasn’t good on a Sunday!

22. ELA and EDEN loving Barbies…

23. All 4 Travel bagss arriving late on American Airlines and being told that we only would be reimbursedif we present sales receipts. EGLASHESgo on $300 shopping spree and turn in sales receipts!

24. EGLASHES with GRANMA JUDY hear siren outside Mayfair Mall! It turns out to be a test for a tornado warning!

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